Renee and Mike’s Wedding! St. Catherines and Shoreline Grill

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Renee and Mike are just two really awesome people! They love life and each other. I wish I could do there wedding once a month, over and over. They where so fun to be around. Here is some of the pictures from the wedding I wanted to share.

I loved the bright colors! Yellow is Renee’s favorite color and we had the yellow everywhere!

I loved all of their pictures!

This really shows what a fun loving couple they are. Look at Mike , yap so are SO taken!

Renee glowed

And they lived happily everafter…………..    The End


Coordinator: Kathie Millen – Shelly Corbin Assisting

Church: St. Catherine’s

Reception: Shoreline Grill

Flowers: Exquisite Petals , Beth Richards

DJ: Greenbelt

Cake: Michelle’s Patisseries, Michelle Powers

Posted on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 | Categories: Weddings

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