Angelica and Stroud- 5/28/2010

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When we first met Angelica and Stroud they had a very special relationship and you could tell that there love for each other ran deep. We were very excited about the wedding that they had started planning.  Angelica and Stroud choose a beautiful location overlooking the Austin skyline at the Zilker Park Clubhouse. It was a beautiful ceremony joining two lovely families together as one.

The event was an eventing wedding and they said their marriage vows as the sun began to set. The night was very romantic and intimite. The environment during the entire evening was very relaxed and enjoyable. Smokey Mo’s catered the event and the guests danced the night away under the stars and enjoyed the view of the city all lit up at night.

Pictures are soon to follow.

We wish the best to Stroud and Angelica Evans!

Posted on Monday, May 31st, 2010 | Categories: Weddings

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