Kerri & Scott

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Kerri’s Words:

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Amber Groce to you as your wedding coordinator because of her attention to detail and commitment to service. As you begin planning for this event you probably think you can handle everything, I did, and I probably could have, but decided I didn’t really want to.

I found Amber to be a good source of recommendations for vendors you can trust because the things I was looking for weren’t the kinds of stores or providers that you use every day and the last thing I wanted was to choose someone to play music or provide flowers that didn’t have a proven reputation from someone I trust. One critical thing for me was Amber’s responsiveness. She answered my endless e-mail questions at all hours of the day and night when those items were on my mind. When you need to know what size of the table linens you can’t wait two days for an answer.

As the week of the wedding was before us I was able to pass tasks to Amber that I simply could not get to and know they would be taken care of. Most importantly, we did not have to think about a single thing on the day of the wedding. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything was in place and to keep us on schedule without being intrusive. I was impressed with Amber’s willingness to work around our busy schedules and her ability to get things done without saying a word. I highly recommend her to your care.”

Photos by I Do Photography